Interview with Dr. Prakash

Thursday, April 17, 2008

As a part of my effort to enable people who are in dilemma whether to continue higher education or to start working for a company and gain "experience" . To guide the students who are in such dilemma we are interviewing Dr. Prakash Ragahavendra. Dr. Prakash has got an extensive experience managing and developing a compiler team in HP. Currently Dr. Prakash is working for Adobe Systems Ltd. Bangalore, as Senior Computer Scientist for Flex team. Dr. Prakash has received Phd form IISc, Bangalore. He was a gold medalist at IIT Madras during his MTech.

In this interview SRP speaks about

  • Is PHD really necessary to succeed?
  • How is academia different from Industry?
  • Does IISc fair above US university?
  • Manager or a techie?
  • N more.........
If you have any queries , be feel to express here and get it redressed

Part 2